AYYY, LET'S do this!

Okay! So.... Like how does this work though?


  1. You answer these super important questions below and I respond within 48 hours. (seriously, otherwise assume I've been eaten by a yeti)
  2. We talk about your wedding day and my packages and maybe also your favorite dogs. We either meet in person (coffee date? kombucha date? pizza date?!) or over facetime/skype and become friends!  
  3. We nail down the details of what you need and I e-mail you a contract. (that you can sign on your phone!) 
  4.  You pay me so I can pay my landlord and my local barista. (30% at booking + the rest 1 month before your wedding)
  5. I document your big day and 4 weeks later you get AMAZING photos!!! (insert confetti here!)


Let's dance friends. Fill out the form below! 

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Wedding Date
what is the feel of your wedding? (style, colors, etc!)
Whether it's my shooting style, a specific image, the colors, or something else, let me know!
And maybe a new best friend. ;)