Hey, I'm Marissa!

Most well known for my flowing long hair, but also for my LOVE of a good beat to get down to (still obsessed with despacito, okay?!) If you're in the market for a portrait or wedding photographer and a maybe a new BFF, LOOK NO FURTHER!

ON YOUR WEDDING DAY: I'm freaking out with your bridal party when you're getting ready, tearing up during your vows, and getting downnnn with you on the dacefloor - all the while taking amazing photos of your big day!

AT YOUR PORTRAIT SESSION: I'm freaking out (again - I'm just really excited about it all, okay?!) with each shot captured cause you're slaying the game and I'm getting it all on camera! Without getting too crazy, I'm cheering you on and encouraging you the whole way, making sure to direct you the whole time we're shooting!